Boonratana, R. 2015. How Technology and New Media can have an Impact on Social Good Initiatives? Invited panellist presentation at the UNDP Asia-Pacific & Mahidol University’s Social Good Summit: What Type of World do you Want to Live in by the Year 2030? held at MUIC, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, 28 September 2015.

Boonratana, R. 2015. Biodiversity Conservation and Conserving Biodiversity: Where did we go wrong? Plenary presentation at the International Conference on Rainforest Ecology, Diversity and Conservation in Borneo, in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 9-11 June 2015.

Boonratana, R. 2014. Orangutans in Crisis: Rethinking the Issues and Solutions. Presentation at the International Primate/Orangutan Dialogue, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, 24-25 Nov. 2014.

Boonratana, R. 2014. Tourism and Community Development in SE Asia: Challenges, Issues, and Precautionary Measures. Keynote presentation at the World Tourism Day 2014 celebrations at Manama, Bahrain, Sep. 28, 2014.

Boonratana, R. 2014. Biodiversity in Crisis: But Why? Plenary presentation at the 1st International Conference on Biodiversity Crisis, Bogor, Indonesia, 4-5 Sep. 2014.

Boonratana, R. 2013. Essence of Life: The Science of Water, our Well-being, and the Spa Industry. Keynote presentation at the World Spa and Well-being Congress 2013 held at Bangkok, Thailand, Sep. 18-20, 2013.

Boonratana, R. 2013. The Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey of Vietnam: A Sinking Flagship? Oral presentation at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the ATBC Asia-Pacific Chapter held at Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia, 18-22 March 2013.

Boonratana, R. 2012. Synergising Transdiciplinary Knowledge to Conserve Biodiversity and Protect Ecosystems for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Plenary presentation at the Technology, Science, Social Sciences and Humanities International Conference (TESSHI) 2012 held in Langkawi, Malaysia, Nov. 14-14, 2012.

Boonratana, R. 2012. Distribution and Status of Non-human Primates in Lao PDR: 2012 Updates. Oral presentation at the 24th Congress of the International Primatological Society held in Cancun, Mexico, Aug. 12-17, 2012.

Boonratana, R. 2012. Development of e-Learning Instructional Materials for the ICNS152 Southeast Asia Ecology Course. Oral presentation at the International e-Learning Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand, Jun. 14-15, 2012.

Boonratana, R. 2012. Biodiversity Conservation & Veterinary Medicine. Guest speaker at the Veterinary Research Institute, Ipoh, Malaysia, 17 April 2012.

Boonratana, R. 2012. University Social Responsibility: more than just giving. Oral presentation at the APAIE 2012 Conference and Exhibition on University Social Responsibility for the Benefit of Mankind held in Bangkok, Thailand, 4-6 April 2012.

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