Field Supervisor

Sep. 2004 – Sep. 2008

Viet Nam Provided field supervision to Mr. Dong Thanh Hai, a Ph.D. candidate from the Australian National University, for his two-year study on the ecology and behavior of the Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkeys in Na Hang and Du Gia Nature Reserves. Study funded by the Australian National University (ANU), BP Conservation Programme (BPCP), Zoological Society of San Diego (ZSSD), Rufford Small Grant, Margot Marsh Biodiversity Fund, the Westphalian Society for Species Conservation (WGA), WCS, and Primate Conservation, Inc. (PCI).
Advisor / Co-compiler

Jul. 2005 – Jul. 2006

Viet Nam Provided technical assistance in the compilation of a nationally endorsed action plan for the conservation of the critically endangered and endemic Tonkin snub-nosed monkey in Viet Nam. Project funded by PCI.
Team Leader

Sep. 2005 – Jan. 2006

Lao PDR & Cambodia Conducted wet season surveys to provide an initial overview of wildlife trade in Attapeu and Stung Treng provinces. Two-month assignment contracted by TRAFFIC SEA (Indochina Program).

Apr. – Nov. 2004

ASEAN Provided technical assistance in the formulation and development of impact assessment instrument, and the integration and analysis of survey results for the Networking and Training activities of ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation (ARCBC). One-month assignment contracted by ARCBC.

Oct. 2004

PR China Provided two-week technical advice to KFBG for its ongoing and proposed activities for the conservation of Hainan Gibbons in Bawangling National Nature Reserve.
Senior Field Researcher

Jun. – Sep. 2004

Lao PDR Provided technical assistance for a ground-based inventory of human activity in the peripheral impact zones of the Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area (NPA). Two-month assignment contracted by the World Bank.

Feb. 2004

Lao PDR Revised the Terrestrial Biodiversity section of the Nam Theun II Environmental and Management Plan. Ten-day assignment contracted by the Nam Theun 2 Power Company Limited.
Course Director

Oct. 2003 – Jan. 2004

Thailand Organization, management and supervision of a training workshop on Practical Wildlife Conservation and Management Techniques for the ASEAN Protected Areas, held in Thailand. Two-month assignment contracted by ARCBC.
Biodiversity Specialist

Nov. 2003

Lao PDR Interpretation of biodiversity and conservation values within Savannakhet and Khammouane provinces whose output was used as a guide in conducting High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) full assessment. 18-day assignment contracted by WCS.
Biological Resources Education & Training Specialist

Jan. – Oct. 2003

ASEAN Served as a member of the Identification and Appraisal Mission to prepare a follow-up project/program of the ARCBC for submission to the European Commission for continued funding consideration, and was responsible for providing input into the training and education component of the ARCBC. Two-month assignment contracted by Agrifor Consult.

May – Jul. 2003

Thailand Produced the Chapter 8 on Field Craft, detailing the skills and knowledge described in the ARCBC publication Competence Standards for Protected Area Occupations in SE Asia for a book to be published by ARCBC on Managing Protected Areas in the Tropics. Assignment contracted by ARCBC.
Environment / Biodiversity Specialist

Nov. 2002 – Jun. 2003

Lao PDR Served as member of the World Bank supervision mission to an upland development and conservation project in the Nakai – Nam Theun NPA, and was responsible for reviewing the Conservation Support and Awareness component, and environmental aspects/impacts of the other components. One-month assignment contracted by the World Bank.
Biodiversity Research & Management Consultant

Apr. – Jun. 2003

Lao PDR Reviewed and revised biodiversity and related sections of the Social and Environmental Management Framework and 1st Operational Plan (SEMFOP-1) for the Nakai-Nam Theun NPA. 24-day assignment contracted by Nam Theun Power Company (NTPC).
Field Consultant

Apr. – Jun. 2003

Indonesia & Malaysia Conducted research on the chain of custody of imported wood from Indonesia to Peninsular Malaysia, from the point of landing to factory processing and eventual export of finished product. Two-month assignment contracted by TRAFFIC SEA.
Wildlife Biologist

Nov. 2000 – Mar. 2003

Lao PDR Established and trained Village Conservation Monitoring Units for the District Upland Development and Conservation Project in the Nakai – Nam Theun NPA. Tasks included developing the capacity of NPA staff and villagers to carry out wildlife surveys, to incorporate wildlife habitat considerations into village land use plans, and to patrol and monitor wildlife movements in the NPA. Also, provided advanced training in data management and analysis to the NPA staff. 5.5-month assignment contracted by AHT.
Technical Advisor

Jan. 2003

Malaysia Provided on-site technical advice for the production of a documentary on proboscis monkeys of the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, in northern Borneo. One-week assignment contracted by an US-based producer, Dr. Michael P. Wong.
Field Supervisor

Jan. 2001. – Nov. 2002

Lao PDR Provided field supervision to Mr. Khamkhoune Khounboline, a Master’s student from the Kunming Institute of Zoology, on his ecological study of the Asian elephant on the Nakai Plateau. Assignment contracted by IUCN Lao PDR.
Project Director

Apr. – Jul. 2001

Viet Nam Prepared the final draft of A Conservation Action Plan for the Primates of Viet Nam for the assignment IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group. Four-month contracted by Conservation International (CI) and PCI.

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