re:wild and the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group have published the newest entry (November 2022) in their series of folding pocket guides – a pocket identification guide to the primates of Malaysia.

The pocket identification guide series is designed for anyone who needs a quick overview of the primate fauna of a specific region.

Each pocket guide features full-colour illustrations by primate artist Stephen Nash, whose work has been recognized as “the taxonomic gold standard” for primate identification. In addition, it is printed on a double-sided folding panel and laminated to withstand heat, humidity and the rigours of travel.

Including compact range maps and local names, the pocket guides are ideal for protection staff, nature enthusiasts, primate watchers, students and field biologists – or anyone else who needs an easy field reference guide.

Thirty-three taxa from 25, possibly 26 species, are presented in this pocket guide, each illustrated and paired with newly updated distribution maps and globally threatened status for each taxon. Also, each full-body illustration includes the taxon’s scientific, common English, and local names. Finally, the guide concludes with a checklist of its respective taxa.

In addition, the guide features a map of Malaysia and a table highlighting key protected areas throughout the country which contain the best sites for primate encounters. Moreover, the guide provides a QR code linking to the Policy Statements and Guidelines of the International Primatological Society.

As with all the folding pocket guides, Primates of Malaysia: Pocket Identification Guide is laminated for durability in the field and weighs barely 40 grams, making it a sturdy and lightweight companion for field trips and primate-watching activities.

Proceeds of the pocket guide purchases are earmarked for activities that support the conservation of Malaysian primates. To order a copy of the pocket guide in Malaysia, please get in touch with The Habitat Foundation at or the Malaysian Primatological Society at for more information. To order a copy of the pocket guide in Thailand, please contact Ramesh Boonratana at or


Boonratana, R., Mittermeier, R.A., & Rylands, A.B. (2022). Primates of Malaysia: Pocket Identification Guide. REWILD: Austin, Texas.

Link to other primates’ pocket identification guides at &