ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Sukuman D. Thanakon; Pete Chittapisan; May Chuangcharoendee; Alexander Coke Smith; Ton Smits

Globe-trotter, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

NB1: Nycticebus pygmaeus (currently restricted to Vietnam, Lao & Cambodia) may possibly be present in Trat Province.

NB2: Besides the possibility of N. pygmaeus, Thailand is likely to possess Nycticebus taxon/taxa in addition to N. coucang and N. javanicus.

NB3: Thailand is also home to an alien invasive primate species, Chlorocebus aethiops. “A group of green or vervet monkeys (C. aethiops) was released from the Safari World, a private zoo and amusement park located in Mineburi about 16 years ago. The monkeys have adapted well to the new environment that comprises rice fields, shrubs, a riverine forest, villages, orchards, housing estates and golf courses. These monkeys receive food from villagers, staff and tourists at golf courses.” — Aggimarangsee, in Marsh & Chapman, 2013.