Evolutionary Biology [Undergraduate Students’ Presentations]

Electronic learning or e-Learning typically comprises all forms of electronically and technologically supported information and communication systems meant to serve as one means of implementing the learning and teaching processes, which can be employed for the out-of-classroom situation at both the learners’ and the teachers’ convenience, and for supporting or enhancing the learners’ in-classroom educational knowledge acquirement and experiences. In addition, the development of e-Learning has allowed knowledge to be accessed by a wider group of audience, beyond those typically associated with educational institutions.

Climate Crisis: The  Whats and the Whys


Tropical Lowland Forests

SE Asian Ecology [Undergraduate Students’ Presentations]

Climate Emergency, Biodiversity Crisis, and Humanity at Risk [Undergraduate Students’ Presentations]

Faiths, Ecological Justice, and the Tropical Rainforests [Undergraduate Students’ Presentations]

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