Julian arrived in Thailand in 2011 and immediately settled into the life of Bangkok. By 2013 he was working for a local tour operator and was responsible for handling the tour arrangements in Thailand for one of the largest German online travel agents serving the German-speaking market. 

Julian joined Nutty’s Adventures in 2017 with the intention of becoming immersed in the world of community-based tourism and so fulfill his ambition to show overseas visitors to Thailand the real heart of the country as it found in its rural communities. As his career took this new direction, he learned about the ways that CBT can improve the lives of local people and at the same time strengthen sustainable tourism in Thailand. Because of his background d in mainstream tourism, Julian is an expert in incorporating aspects of CBT into mainstream tourist itineraries.

He is a Travelife certified Sustainability Manger and has given talks on this topic to groups of students from Mahidol University International College.




Email: info@nutty-adventures.com